Study Warns of This New Marijuana Side Effect

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    Study Warns of This New Marijuana Side Effect

    Smoking marijuana while pregnant can impact a child's development and behavior, study finds.

    There's a new warning for women who smoke marijuana during pregnancy. A recent study conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America finds that children of women who smoked weed during their pregnancy are at greater risk for development and behavior issues.

    The study states, "Here we find that maternal cannabis use is associated with increased cortisol, anxiety, aggression, and hyperactivity in young children. This corresponded with widespread reductions in immune-related gene expression in the placenta which correlated with anxiety and hyperactivity. Future studies are needed to examine the effects of cannabis on immune function during pregnancy as a potential regulatory mechanism shaping neurobehavioral development."

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    It's high time to stop the nonsense that marijuana is a safe drug...because it's not!

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