Putin, a ‘rogue male’ on the rampage, threatens to start a war no one wants

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    Putin, a ‘rogue male’ on the rampage, threatens to start a war no one wants

    The term “rogue male”, denoting a rampaging bull elephant, is also used figuratively to describe a dangerously out-of-control, cold-hearted loner. It may be that Vladimir Putin has a cuddly side. If so, it’s well-hidden. Russia’s president fits the rogue male profile to a T – unscrupulous, vicious, cunning, and ever ready to trample on other people and countries.

    Much recent effort has been expended trying to understand and explain Putin’s motives in threatening a wider war in Ukraine. Does he hope to restore past Soviet glories or crush Kyiv’s pro-western trajectory? Is it about his historical legacy or his need for a repeat electoral “Crimea bounce”? Such theories carry weight, but they all miss the essential point.

    Putin is and always has been an unpleasant, smirking, devious, KGB-trained thug whose main aim in life, besides retaining power, is to weaken and divide the western democracies. His attitude, resembling a vendetta, is as emotional as it is rational.

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    Not much really new in this article, but I think it does present a decent overview of the situation.

    While the article does mention Biden's “minor incursion” gaffe, for whatever reason it didn't place enough emphasis on it. The fact is that history has proven time and time again that weak leaders such as Joe Biden breed war.

    Joe Biden of course fits any reasonable definition of a weak leader. But it goes beyond that as he is obviously going senile as well. Whatever is the exact diagnosis of Biden's illness, be it Alzheimer's, dementia or whatever it is, he's got it. All that makes a tyrant such as Vladimir Putin salivate like a Pavlov Dog.

    The good news is the principle of MAD, mutual assured destruction. Basically it means that any superpower attacking another superpower with nuclear weapons, would not only cause destruction of the attacked, but destruction of itself as well when the attacked immediately retaliates.

    Dictators such as Putin have it too good in life now in today's modern age. They have no desire to risk giving all that up. So realize that Putin will probably always be an irritant, but because of MAD he would never take any chance of starting a nuclear war which is committing suicide.

    Expect Putin to do exactly what he is doing now. Prod for weakness in his region and around the world, and take advantage of it for his own personal delight.

    Trump's competence and strength kept Putin at bay for four years. Biden's incompetence and weakness makes him incapable of keeping dictators at bay. Including the dictators controlling China, Iran, North Korea, etc, with an iron grip.

    Our great President Trump had it all under control. Now under Biden it is unraveling. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it, and Biden voters are guilty of this historic mistake.

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