Philadelphia Eagles 2019 road to the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stephen, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Philadelphia Eagles 2019 road to the Super Bowl

    Well the Eagles got off to about the worst start possible in their first game of the season, falling behind 17-0 to an inferior NFC East opponent team.

    However the Eagles determinedly fought back, and wound up winning the game fairly easily.

    Tonight we face the Atlanta Falcons.

    It's always tough to travel to another NFL football team's stadium when they are 0-1 and come away with a win. The Falcons in this game should be scratching and clawing not to go 0-2.

    The Eagles simply cannot allow this Falcons team to get off to a 17-0 lead as what happened last Sunday against the Redskins, if the Eagles expect to win this game. Actually it would be nice if the Eagles could open up an early lead and coast home.

    But one way or the other, I think the Eagles are good enough to find a way to win this Sunday night game.
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    Well the Eagles obviously won their first game because DeSean Jackson was in there, and obviously lost their second game because DeSean Jackson wasn't in there.

    Back home against the Lions on Sunday.
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    Very nice "miracle" win, with a last second interception against the Packers on their home turf.

    Eagles are now 2-2 and would no doubt be 4-0 if it wasn't for a rash of injuries. The good news is that Carson Wentz is staying healthy and that's the most important thing.

    Nice easy game this coming Sunday against the hapless New York Jets. So the Eagles after that game will be heading into a tougher part of their schedule with a 3-2 record.
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    The Eagles now at 3-3 with a big Sunday night game against the Dallas Cowboys, also with a 3-3 record.

    Not a "must win" game for the Eagles at this point, but it would sure be nice to win one against the Cowboys on their home turf.
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    The Eagles are hanging in there with a 5-5 record.

    But without DeSean Jackson in their lineup, and it appears as though Jackson will be out for the season, unfortunately these 2019 Eagles are basically a second tier team.

    I'm not sure what the Eagles can do at this point to get themselves up into the first tier again this season. It's a crying shame because Carson Wentz has remained healthy, however the Eagles have been unable thus far to take full advantage of that.

    Let's hope the Eagles can sneak into the playoffs, and then perhaps get lucky.
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    Excellent win against the Dallas Cowboys.

    The road to the playoffs is now in the hands of the Eagles.

    If the Eagles win next Sunday against the Giants, or if the Cowboys lose, the Eagles win the NFC East and get a home playoff game.

    But if the Eagles lose and the Cowboys win, then the Cowboys win the NFC East because of tiebreakers, and the Eagles 2019 season would be over.
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    Tough call in this playoff game against Seattle.

    The kids on offense for the Eagles have done a nice job stepping it up and helping to win enough games to get the Eagles into the playoffs. Now with the faster pace of the playoff games, they will need to step it up even further to get a win today. Are they capable of doing that or not may be the X factor in this game.

    And don't forget, this is the first playoff game for Carson Wentz. I'm sure he's hungry to get a playoff game win under his belt, but he needs to relax and not get too juiced-up which could result in overthrowing his receivers or costly interceptions.

    I think Pederson can coach up not only Carson Wentz, but his new players as well. Get them in the right mind frame to succeed out there.
    Another thing i like, Doug Pederson has seemed to shake off some of the bad game calling habits he had developed, and now seems to be properly game calling. I think Pederson will out-coach Pete Carroll in this game.

    Whether or not all this will be enough for an Eagles win, we shall see.

    But i'm picking the Eagles to find a way to win this football game in front of their home field fans.
  8. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Wentz gets hurt minutes into the game. Eagles lose from hardly any offense.

    Well it was an interesting season but now it's over.

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