Philadelphia Eagles 2018 road to the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stephen, Sep 5, 2018.

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    Philadelphia Eagles 2018 road to the Super Bowl

    Well, we had a storybook ending last season which is going to be tough to beat. That being said, we shall try. :)

    Carson Wentz certainly enjoyed getting a Super Bowl ring. However I'm sure that he would have liked to have won the big game himself. So let's see if Wentz can win a Super Bowl for us this season, realizing how hard it is for a team to win back to back Super Bowls.

    Also wishing that Doug Pederson doesn't rush Wentz back too soon from the injury.

    The Falcons come into the Linc for the NFL opener which should be an interesting game.

    I think Nick Foles has a good performance and the Eagles win this game.
  2. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Well it certainly wasn't a pretty performance by Nick Foles. However the Eagles defense was tenacious, and overall the team did enough to get the win by a score of 18-12.

    The last series of downs for the Eagles defense was memorable. The Falcons had first and goal, from the ten yard line with around 24 seconds left on the clock. Plenty of time to get off four pass plays if needed, which had to be thrown in the end zone. A completion in the end zone for the Falcons would have basically won the game for them, with a successful extra point kick.

    Fortunately, each of the four passes fell incomplete. However a dubious interference penalty against the Eagles on the fourth down play, gave the Falcons one more chance to get the touchdown. The Eagles defense responded, not allowing a Falcons reception. Time ran out and the Eagles earned a nice home opener win.

    The Eagles now get a ten day rest before playing a road game against the Buccaneers.
  3. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    The Eagles come off a ten day rest to head down to Tampa Bay to face the Buccaneers.

    The Bucs coming off a big offensive effort, scoring 48 points in winning their season opener.

    Jim Schwartz, the Eagles unheralded secret weapon, who in my opinion is the best defensive coordinator in the league, finds a way to keep the Bucs in check, enough so that Nick Foles can score enough points to get the Eagles the win.

    The Eagles should be 2-0 after this Sunday's game.
  4. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Well, we all knew that the Eagles weren't going to go 16-0.

    The Eagles lost with their defense which was sloppy, allowing two 75 yard touchdown passes, including one that was on the first play of the game. Jim Schwartz will get this corrected.

    The Eagles fought back hard in the second half of the game, but just didn't have enough to come back from those earlier costly mistakes.

    The good news is that Carson Wentz will be back for Sunday's game at home against the Colts.

    Although Wentz is coming off a long layoff, he has been sharp in practice, and has played well before being fresh.

    The Eagles will have no problem with the Colts.

    If it gets ugly, I hope that coach Pederson has the good sense to get Wentz out of the game. I'd like to see Nate Sudfeld get some playing time.
  5. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Not winning pretty like we often did last season, but I'll still take 2-1.

    Wentz now has a game under his belt, and the Eagles are still a young football team. So they should improve as the season marches on.

    With a healthy Wentz along with their "stubborn" defense when it counts, I expect the Eagles to be in every game this season, get into the playoffs, and then we shall see what happens.

    The game next Sunday against the Titans should be an interesting test.
  6. Stephen

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    Tough overtime loss against the Titans to even the Eagles season record at 2-2.

    This coming Sunday another interesting game against the Vikings.
  7. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Another tough loss, this time against against the Vikings, and the Eagles record falls to 2-3.

    Carson Wentz despite his decent stats in the game, just isn't looking 100% out there.

    As expected in the Monday night game, the Redskins lost. And the Cowboys and Giants both lost on Sunday, so all that at least makes things a bit easier.

    Perhaps this season the division should be called the NFC "least" in a derogatory manner.

    In any event, if the Eagles could win the division sort of by default, at least we get into the playoffs and see what happens from there. Thursday's game result against the Giants will provide more information as to the playoff possibilities for this season.

    There is still hope. Although admittedly, the light is somewhat dim at this point.

    Normally one would think that a team coming off a Super Bowl championship, would stomp on any team the following season with a 1-4 record. However in this season with the circumstances presented, this Thursday's game is now a must win game for the Eagles.
  8. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    I'm glad that the Eagles looked at the Giants game as a must win game, and didn't get overconfident against a 1-4 team which sometimes can happen in the NFL. The Eagles came thru nicely with a solid win.

    However I'm still not convinced the Eagles are back to their 2017 championship form. But at least this convincing win showed that the 2018 Eagles are a contending team for the playoffs.

    Their home game two Sundays from now against the Carolina Panthers will be a good indicator of where the Eagles are headed this season.

    A key for the Eagles is to keep their eye on the Cowboys in the NFC East. The Redskins aren't a threat and the Giants are done.

    I realize it's still a bit early, but I think a first round bye is probably unlikely at this point. So the strategy should be to win the NFC East while keeping Wentz healthy, have a good first playoff game, and take it from there.

    I'm not expecting another Super Bowl championship just yet, but the chances of that happening have become a little bit brighter. :)
  9. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    In the Panthers game, the Eagles took a 17-0 lead going into the 4th quarter, but wound up losing the game 21-17. Certainly one of the most shocking losses for the Eagles in their regular season history.

    Today the Eagles travel overseas to Wembley Stadium in England to play the Jaguars.
  10. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Good win against the Jaguars.

    We're 4-4 at the bye week. I'll take it all things considering.

    Next up in two weeks...the Dallas Cowboys. Sure it's a big game but we need to be careful that the Redskins don't sneak away further in first place in the NFC East, which I don't think they will be able to do.

    Hope is still alive. :)
  11. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Terrible loss to the Cowboys tonight. A game the Eagles were expected to win and had to win, especially at home.

    The Eagles now have a 2-3 record at home which is unacceptable for a team wanting to get into the playoffs and beyond.

    This 2018 season is basically over. However the 2019 season has good hope with a healthy Carson Wentz coming back, and the rookie running back Josh Adams looking good out there. Something to build on.
  12. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    This 2018 season really has been a bitter disappointment. I wasn't sure if the Eagles could win back-to-back Super Bowls because that is extremely difficult to do. However I thought at least making the playoffs would be a cinch this season, and then anything could happen from there.

    The Eagles aren't technically out of it, they still could make the playoffs. However they seem "mentally" out of it, especially the coaches.

    I hate to be brutally candid about it, but I watch Doug Pederson's press conferences and he seems out of it mentally. Some of his commentary doesn't even make sense. I've never seen anything quite like it, especially since he did such an outstanding job last season. I'm not sure if he is now on some sort of medication or what?

    I'm not saying get rid of Pederson. But I am saying that something needs to be done to wake him up and the rest of the coaches as well. For example the Cowboys successfully pulling off a fake punt at that particular point in the game is unacceptable. That simply cannot happen on a team that truly wants to do what it takes to win another Super Bowl.

    There were a number of other glaring mistakes, unforced errors so to speak, that do not happen with a coaching staff focused on winning football. Call it complacency after winning a Super Bowl or whatever.

    I'll put up with the poor coaching this season as the wonderful Super Bowl championship memories from last season are still fresh. However if this incompetent coaching nonsense continues into next season, there are going to be a lot of hissed off Eagles fans out there. We had a sweet taste of winning last season, and we do not wish to give that up so quickly.
  13. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Oh brother, what an awful embarrassing game in New Orleans. Considering the circumstances and the lopsided score, it may be the most humiliating defeat in Eagles history.

    The Eagles are now hanging on by a thread. This Sunday against the Giants is a must win game or the season is over.

    I think the Eagles will win this upcoming game with no problem. But it still might not be enough to turn this season around for various reasons. In any event, we'll take it one game at a time and see what happens.

    It would be quite enjoyable to see the Eagles face the Saints again this season in the playoffs, and get payback against their head coach Sean Payton who deliberately ran up the score.

    There probably won't be another meeting this season between the two teams. However there will be sometime in the future at the Linc. When that game occurs, Eagles fans will boo Sean Payton mercilessly. Perhaps the most ferocious booing in modern sports history.
  14. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    The Eagles remain alive in the playoff race with a 25-22 win against the Giants today. It was a bit of a struggle but the Eagles prevailed.

    Big Monday night game in eight days at home coming up against the Redskins.

    This is another must win game, and the Eagles should handle the Redskins with no problem.
  15. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    As expected it was a solid win against the Redskins.

    It was nice to see the new acquisition from a few weeks ago, wide receiver Golden Tate, step-up and have a good game, versus his previous lackluster efforts.

    Perhaps it just took a few games for him and Carson Wentz to get in sync with each other? Let's hope that's it, because a good performance is going to be needed from Golden Tate to help defeat the Dallas Cowboys this coming Sunday.

    I do think the intangibles favor the Eagles in this upcoming game. A big motivation will be the Eagles looking for payback in Dallas for the Cowboys previously beating the Eagles at the Linc earlier this season.

    Also the Cowboys last week in a surprise victory, defeated one of the top teams in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints. But often, average teams have letdowns the following week from an emotional big win such as that. So we shall see if this happens with the Cowboys, and they play this Sunday like the average team that they are.

    It seems like the Eagles, especially their defense, are gaining some quiet confidence with two straight wins. And Carson Wentz may finally be hitting his stride after the ACL tear around this same time last season.

    The Eagles are going to need to bring their "A" game to Dallas and I think they will. If not, the season is all but officially over.
  16. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    With the loss to the Cowboys, the realistic chances of the Eagles making the playoffs in the 2018 season are over.

    This Eagles season could be summed up that despite the great thrill of winning the Super Bowl last season which also brought along the hope that the Eagles could be a dominant team in the NFL for a number of seasons to come, the Eagles this season for various reasons already noted in this thread, just couldn't put it together in a good enough manner to win enough football games.

    All that being said...if some powerful mystical being came to me before the 2017 season and said, "Stephen, I will grant you an Eagles Super Bowl championship this season, but you'll have to endure a very disappointing season in 2018." I would quickly reply, "Are you kidding me, yes of course I'll take that!"

    So I'm not going to cry about this 2018 season too much. :(
  17. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Wow, two straight wins by our backup quarterback, the amazing Nick Foles.

    Listed below is the Eagles possible playoff scenario. It's a long shot, but there's a slight glimmer of hope.

    Pasted from the Sports Illustrated website which was written prior to today's game:

    The most direct path to the playoffs involves the Eagles defeating both the Texans in Week 16 and the Redskins in Week 17, and for the Vikings to lose at least one of their last two games. Minnesota closes out the season at Detroit and then at home against the Bears. If the Vikings drop one game and the Eagles win out, they'd be through to the playoffs at 9–7.

    If the Seahawks lose at home against the Chiefs and the Cardinals, and the Eagles win out, Philadelphia could jump them in the wild-card race and snag the fifth seed in the NFC.
  18. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    The Eagles beat the Redskins, and the Bears beat the Vikings, so the Eagles slip into the last playoff slot.

    Quite a remarkable continuing story with Nick Foles as the backup. Almost hard to believe. Truly one of the most amazing stories in NFL history regarding the success of a backup quarterback over the course of two seasons. I'm just glad it happened with the Eagles.

    Will this success continue with Nick Foles? Can lightning strike twice and Foles wins another Super Bowl? Unfortunately it's a much different scenario this season with having to win three games to get to the Super Bowl instead of just two as last season. Also I think all three games would be on the road versus the two home playoff games last season. Other tough factors as well working against Foles and the Eagles repeating as Super Bowl champs.

    In any event, I'm enjoying the ride and it's certainly nice to at least be in the playoffs. However it simply wouldn't be reasonable to expect this winning to keep happening under long odds.

    If the Eagles season ends on Sunday at Chicago then it ends. I'll be disappointed but no complaints. And I'll wish Foles the very best of luck next season probably playing for another team...except that is when he plays the Eagles.
  19. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    My two bit playoff game analysis: Eagles versus Bears at Soldier Field

    The Bears have been extremely tough to beat at home this season with a 7-1 record. This strong trend bodes well for the Bears.

    Nick Foles took a brutal shot to the chest late in that game last Sunday which knocked him out of the game. How he recovers from that both physically and mentally, even Foles may not really know at this point. I have always had one big criticism of Doug Pederson since he became head coach, and that is not taking his QB's out of a game when the game is clearly won. For the life of me, I can't understand why he wouldn't automatically do that?

    A number of other factors certainly favor the Bears winning this game. One of which since the Eagles won the Super Bowl last season, it might be difficult for them to get the necessary adrenaline level up to do it again. In life when it comes to success, it's always easier to get there than it is to stay there.

    To win on Sunday, the Eagles are going to need to play basically a mistake free game. While the Bears are going to need to make some mistakes, perhaps one or two very bad mistakes such as a fumbled punt with an Eagles recovery. Not an easy task for what is going to be a very motivated crowd of loud cheering Bears fans at Soldier Field, hungry for a possible trip to the Super Bowl.

    The Eagles are a long shot underdog in this game. A lot of pundits out there are predicting an Eagles win because of Nick Foles and his "magic" so to speak. I realize this next comment may sound silly, but I've noticed over the years whenever too many pundits predict a long shot underdog victory, it usually spells doom for the underdog.

    So unfortunately, it seems that most if not almost all signs point to a Bears win on Sunday.

    In any event, I will of course be rooting for the Eagles. However if the Eagles don't win, I'm not going to cry about it too much after coming off a Super Bowl season. That thrill is going to stay with me for a long time. :)
  20. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Well, we beat the Chicago Bears in a final seconds of the game, missed field goal. Then we lost a hard fought game to the Saints.

    We give Nick Foles a final standing ovation for his phenomenal performances as a backup, as he will be signing with another team in the off season. And we hope that Carson Wentz can return to his 2017 season form, stay healthy, and lead the Eagles to another Super Bowl championship in the upcoming 2019 season.

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