Philadelphia Eagles 2017 road to the Super Bowl

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    The Super Bowl has arrived, and I think the "signs" point to an Eagles win against the New England Patriots. So here is my two cents analysis as to why the Eagles will win this game.

    It has been a long championship drought for the Philadelphia Eagles, especially considering that Philadelphia is a large city with a huge fan base supporting the team. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, and the last NFL football championship they won was in 1960, before the Super Bowl began. Some other professional sports teams have won championships in recent years after long championship droughts. The Chicago Cubs in baseball and the Cleveland Cavaliers in basketball. These type of happenings tend to run in cycles, so hopefully in football, the long drought ends today for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    This will sound harsh, but let's be honest, Philadelphia is a snake bit professional sports town. I'm not going to regurgitate Philly sports history here. Suffice to say that there have been some highlights, but overall it hasn't been pretty, especially for the Eagles. In this season of "kneeling" in the NFL, and we all know that story, I think this works in a karma sort of way for the Eagles. The NFL is snake bit right now with declining attendance and ratings, so what better time than for a snake bit team like the Eagles to win the NFL championship game.

    The Eagles players, almost the entire team, had come down with a bad case of the flu. They are recovering but perhaps with some lingering effects. This might surprisingly work to their advantage. By having been sick, the players will get an adrenaline rush from needing to step it up and overcome the effects of the illness. As a result, they may windup actually playing better than they normally would have played. After they win this game, the players will be physically exhausted, but joyous with victory, and they'll have plenty of time afterwards to fully recover from the flu, and savor their championship.

    Bill Belichick in my opinion is the greatest professional football coach of all time, and Tom Brady is a top five quarterback. They will be competing against a team with no-name players and a second string quarterback. Believe it or not, in this particular game, this works to the advantage of the Eagles considering that the Eagles are a team with excellent coaching. During the season, there have been very few instances during a game when the Eagles have been out-coached. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is no Bill Belichick, however overall, the Eagles may have the finest coaching staff in the NFL. The Eagles coaches will game plan a winning strategy, make the necessary adjustments during the game, and call the right plays at the right time for their players to succeed.

    Belichick and Brady have been to and won a number of Super Bowls, winning it last season in a remarkable comeback. All of that works to the Eagles advantage. It is only human nature to become a bit complacent after tremendous success, especially as a person gets older, and Belichick and especially Brady are getting older. Brady in fact is a forty year old quarterback which is old age in the NFL. The younger, hungrier, more enthusiastic Eagles will beat the Patriots in this game.

    So in a nutshell, this is how I think the game plays out. The Eagles will have a lead going into the fourth quarter. Brady being overconfident, just figures that he will make his usual winning comeback. He tries hard, but falls short. The Eagles win the game and hoist the Lombardi Trophy. A few days later, the Eagles and their great fans will celebrate with a joyful victory parade down Broad Street.
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