Philadelphia Eagles 2017 road to the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stephen, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Well, it's that time of the year again, and this Eagles team, give or take a game or two way depending on which way the ball bounces, has 8-8 written all over it.

    This is an average type of NFL team, and don't forget Carson Wentz is only in his second NFL season. We shall see how he progresses...and hopefully stays injury free.

    Frankly right now, if the Eagles went 10-6 and clinched the last playoff spot, I would be very happy.

    Next Sunday, September 10, the Eagles play the Redskins at Washington. The Eagles got off to a red hot start last season, and considering that the Redskins are nothing special, I think the Eagles should win this game.

    There's no such thing as a "must win" game with the first game of an NFL season. However considering that the Redskins are a division rival and an average team at best, the Eagles really need to win this game, or they could be in some early trouble.
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    Good win today for the Eagles as expected. Carson Wentz is simply amazing with finding open receivers while scrambling. This one game for Wentz could be another quarterback's career highlight film.

    However, the Eagles rushing game was practically non-existent. That needs to be strengthened as cold and bad weather sets in later in the season, and running the football becomes more important.

    On to Kansas City next Sunday to visit with our old friend, coach Andy Reid. The Chiefs coming off a solid win against the Super Bowl champion Patriots.
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    A 27 to 20 loss against the Chiefs. This could have been a winnable game for the Eagles with the Chiefs possibly having a bit of a letdown after they offensively thrashed the Patriots in their previous game. The Eagles played hard, but just didn't get it done.

    Again, the rushing game was abysmal. When your quarterback who has been prone to injury, is the leading rusher for your team in the game, that is simply not a successful winning formula.

    Before the season started, the Eagles were likely at least a year or two away from being a Super Bowl contender and this game clarifies that. They of course need to get a stud running back, hopefully in next year's draft.

    The Eagles come back home for the first time this season, next Sunday against the New York Giants. The Giants play on Monday night, and if the Giants lose that game, they come to Philadelphia with an 0-2 record. Teams that are 0-2 are usually very motivated in their next game, that is unless they are a hopelessly pathetic team.
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    Good win for the Eagles today. A game in which our team showed they had just enough to win, with a spectacular 61 yard field goal as time expired. It was also quite nice to see improvement in the running game.

    Well, we're 2-1 and that's not bad. Next Sunday it's off to California to play the Los Angeles Chargers, one of the worst teams in the league.

    The Giants showed today that they are a football team more interested in derogatory end zone displays and leftist fist salutes, rather than winning football games. Ben McAdoo, the Giants head coach, enjoyed a fine season last year as a rookie head coach going 11-5. But it seems now with an 0-3 record along with negative on field antics by some of the Giants players, that he has basically lost control of his team.

    McAdoo needs to quickly initiate better discipline, including handing out some stiff fines, or he may not make it thru the season without getting fired.
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    Say "Hello" to the first place NFC East Philadelphia Eagles.

    It was a close win against a bad team, but many games in the NFL are close throughout the season, and winning teams manage to win games such as this.

    It is nice to see the rushing game come alive. LeGarrette Blount had a solid day running for 136 yards.

    Quarterback Wentz continues to improve. Barring injury, the Eagles certainly have a winner in Carson Wentz.

    So the Eagles are off to a pleasant 3-1 start for this season. Remember they got off to a hot start last season but then floundered badly. We shall see what happens as the season progresses.

    Next Sunday at home versus the Arizona Cardinals.
  6. Stephen

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    Very impressive 34-7 win today. Offense and defense both clicking nicely. The result is a terrific 4-1 start.

    Carson Wentz becoming a machine. It's amazing to see a second year quarterback look this poised and effective out there.

    Short week this week as the Eagles travel to North Carolina on Thursday night to play the Carolina Panthers who also have a 4-1 record. This may be a tough game to win. The type of game that could potentially get away from the Eagles a little bit and result in a loss that wouldn't be as bad as the score may indicate. We'll see what happens, but even a loss would put us at 4-2 and in good position at this point to make the playoffs.

    In this season of protest, the teams which have the character to rise above the fray, will be the teams that make the playoffs. So far Doug Pederson has done a splendid job of keeping the Eagles players focused on football.
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    Heckuva good win for the Eagles. Now with a superb 5-1 record.

    Sometimes in certain seasons, things just click and ya just sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.

    Eagles get a bit of a rest before facing the Redskins on October 23rd.
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    Eagles were a well rested team against the Redskins and it showed. The Eagles just out hustled the Redskins that whole game for a solid win.

    Eagles now a remarkable 6-1 and right now in full control of the NFC East.

    Carson Wentz continues to impress. I'm not saying Wentz is now as good as Joe Montana. But I am saying if Wentz stays injury free, he could wind up being better than Montana. His skill set for a second year player is amazing.

    It must be said that Jim Schwartz is doing an excellent job as defensive coordinator. I don't think he's got a boatload of talent on that team, but he places his defensive players in the right position to make plays. He reminds me a bit of the late Jim Johnson, an outstanding defensive coordinator the Eagles were fortunate to have for around ten years. I hope they can keep Schwartz in the job because certainly if the Eagles continue to do well, other teams are going to try to lure Schwartz away in the off season.

    Next Sunday a game against the lowly 49ers, one of the worst teams in the league. The Eagles will of course win this game. But I've seen this before where a team riding high off a nice win, takes a win for granted against a bad team such as the 49ers, and the game winds up being closer than it should be. Hopefully head coach Doug Pederson will have the Eagles ready enough to cruise to victory.
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    Eagle now a lusty 7-1 coming off an easy win last week against the pathetic 49ers. They play a better team today in the Denver Broncos.

    The Eagles play the Cowboys next, and normally this Broncos game could be the type of game the Eagles look past and lose. But the Eagles have a bye week after this Broncos game so they should stay focused here and win this game.

    Looking forward to the Eagles winning today, and then a very big game in two weeks against the Cowboys in Dallas. The Cowboys already had their bye week earlier in the season. So the Eagles should have an advantage being rested for this upcoming game against this long hated, NFC East division rival.
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    Well here it is...Eagles with the best record in the NFL versus the Cowboys tonight at 8:30

    No Ezekiel Elliott means the Eagles defense can more effectively key in on Dak Prescott and force him to make mistakes.

    I'm not quite sure how the recent Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell feud will affect the Cowboys players if at all, but it certainly can't be helpful considering that Jones has always been the top cheerleader for the team.

    About the only overall advantage the Cowboys have in this game is home field advantage, and hopefully AT&T Stadium will be emptying out early.

    The Eagles should win this game and continue on with what has been a fabulous season thus far.
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    Extremely satisfying blowout win for the Eagles against the hated Cowboys, on the Cowboys home turf. In the regular season, it just doesn't get much better than this.

    Doug Pederson and his coordinators had a virtually flawless game plan, the players executed nicely, and just wore down the Cowboys and blew them out in the second half. Very impressive win all around.

    Next Sunday the Eagles come back home to play the Chicago Bears. Normally one would think this could be a let down game for the Eagles after tonight's big win, and so the 3-7 Bears would have a shot for an upset. But this seems to be a magical season for the Eagles, and dare I say we have to be thinking Super Bowl at this point.
  12. Stephen

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    The Eagles continue to amaze and impress. A complete and total dominating win today against the Chicago Bears, in every way, shape and form. The Eagles' players are having fun out there, fundamentally sound and hitting hard, while taking no prisoners.

    Speaking of the Chicago Bears, this Eagles team seems to be dominating other teams like the 1985 Bears did, which many football pundits consider to be the greatest team of all time in the Super Bowl era, and it's hard to argue that point. That Bears team with the Buddy Ryan coached defense, simply crushed their opponents that season with middle linebacker Mike Singletary leading the way. Along with the great Walter Payton as running back on offense, they were unstoppable. Except for one game, late in the regular season, when they lost to the Miami Dolphins as Don Shula simply out coached Mike Ditka.

    I'm not equating the 2017 Eagles with the 1985 Bears. That would be silly at this point, especially with a lot of football left to be played this season. However the Eagle are dominating their opponents, and making it look easy. The Bears did it with ruthless efficiency sort of like an atomic bomb, whereby the Eagles are doing it with finesse sort of like a razor sharp sword.

    Next week a Sunday night game on the west coast against the 7-4 Seattle Seahawks. This game will be an interesting test to see where the Eagles are at right now as far as Super Bowl aspirations.
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    The Eagles were due for a clunker and this game was it. The team played hard against the Seahawks and the stats were good, but the game just didn't go the Eagles way. These type of games happen any number of times throughout an NFL season.

    The Eagles are still a very strong 10-2, and I don't think this game was a setback. Nothing to be overly worried about.

    However, there was a major coaching blunder on the part of the Eagles around mid 4th quarter when the Seahawks had that flip pass play for a lot of yardage at a crucial point in the game. If the Eagles would have challenged that play, which for some inexplicable reason they didn't, it might have made a big difference in this game.

    The Eagles may have lost the game anyway, even with a successful challenge. But these type of coaching mistakes are inexcusable and unacceptable, and Doug Pederson knows that as well as anyone.

    Pederson and the Eagles coaching staff will learn from this. They must, because Super Bowl winning coaches don't make these type of grievous errors.

    Next Sunday a very interesting match-up between the top two picks in last year's NFL draft, who both happen to be quarterbacks. Our very own Carson Wentz against the rising star Jared Goff.

    Goff got off to a horrible start last season, and many pundits wrote him off. But he persevered, and this season Goff has guided the Los Angeles Rams to an impressive 9-3 record.

    I've already basically forgot about the Seahawks game as near meaningless in the overall scheme of things. However this upcoming game, for a multitude of reasons, will indicate if the Eagles truly are a potential Super Bowl team or not this season.

    Since the inception of the bye week in the NFL, I'm not sure how many Super Bowl winners had the bye week, but most of them did. A football team come playoff time with an extra week of rest, has a definite advantage over a team which had to play the previous week. So if the Eagles are on the road to the Super Bowl this season, they do need to win this game.
  14. Stephen

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    The Eagles had a disastrous win on Sunday. Sure the Eagles won the game against the Rams, but likely lost Carson Wentz for the season, as it stands of the time of this post.

    I've been harping on Doug Pederson to use Carson Wentz in a more responsible manner, but unfortunately Pederson hasn't done so. Wentz diving head first into the end zone, in a situation such as that when the board was being lit up with points anyway, was an absolute unnecessary risk which shouldn't have been taken. If Wentz could have run in untouched, that would have been fine. However to allow Wentz to run like a fullback in a scoring fest, was simply incompetent coaching on a scale which can get a head coach fired.

    Now Nick Foles takes over as the starting quarterback. I have a lot of doubts about the ability of Foles to be a winning QB. And I know he had that one amazing season with the Eagles. But that was back in 2013, and since then, Foles has been an average QB at best. In fact he was traded by the Eagles after the 2014 season and his performance in 2015 and 2016 convinced two other teams not to re-sign him.

    Could lightening in a bottle happen again with Nick Foles and the Eagles? Let's hope so because if not, the 2017 dreams of a Super Bowl trophy are over. This Eagles team is not good enough to win a Super Bowl with an average QB.
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    Philadelphia Eagles' Carson Wentz has surgery, Sidney Jones as Landon Collins and more

    PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz had surgery Wednesday to repair the torn ACL in his left knee, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

    Pittsburgh-based orthopedic knee specialist Dr. James Bradley performed the procedure on the MVP candidate, Mortensen said on Twitter, but no other details are available. Wentz will likely need anywhere from 7 to 12 months to recover from the season-ending injury he suffered in the third quarter of Sunday's win over the Rams.

    Wentz, 24, landed on injured reserve Tuesday as the NFL's leader with 33 touchdown passes, which set a new single-season Eagles record. On the day he was under the knife, his team practiced for the first time with Nick Foles as their starting quarterback.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    This needs to be strongly stated. Doug Pederson did an abysmally poor job of properly using Carson Wentz. I'm surprised Wentz lasted this long without sustaining an injury, the way Pederson has needlessly overworked him. Last season and this season, Pederson had Wentz making way too many passes, meaning getting hit more, and basically misusing a QB who was injury prone in college.

    I am convinced that if Pederson would have coached Wentz to stay in the pocket, to roll out when necessary but to get rid of the football rather than run, and especially not to dive head first for short yardage except maybe on the final play to win a Super Bowl, that Carson Wentz would be fit and healthy right now.

    Instead, as the article says, Wentz may need 7 to 12 months to recover. That means he may not be ready to play until around this time next season. Added to the fact that quarterbacks rarely if ever are the same after an ACL tear, this all adds up to be a tragedy that didn't have to happen.

    When Wentz returns, Pederson must be firmly told not to ever use Wentz again in a careless manner. Otherwise, Pederson should be fired.
  16. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Tomorrow on Sunday it's the Eagles against the Giants. A game that the Eagles should handily win, even with a new quarterback.

    The Giants have basically quit on this season and have practically collapsed as an organization. They have a lot of rebuilding to do.

    Meanwhile the Eagles are still in the hunt, and if Nick Foles can repeat some of the magic he displayed in the past for the Eagles, then the Eagles have a fighting chance to make it to the Super Bowl. If Foles performs just mediocre, then this season's Super Bowl hopes are doomed.
  17. Stephen

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    The win on Monday Night Football, clinched home field advantage for the Eagles during the NFC playoffs.

    This means that the Eagles should rest all the starters for the upcoming meaningless game against the Dallas Cowboys. I sure hope that head coach Doug Pederson doesn't do anything silly, and play any of the starters during this game for whatever conjured up reason he may come up with.

    I sure can't complain considering that when the season started, I don't think anyone envisioned how successful the Eagles would be this season. But frankly, I'd rather be the 6th seed in the playoffs with Carson Wentz, than the 1st seed without him.

    From my comments throughout this thread, if Wentz would have been used in a more responsible manner last season and this season, I believe that Wentz could have been healthy for the upcoming playoffs. Of course we will never know that for sure.

    So we shall see what Nick Foles can do for us in the playoffs.
  18. Stephen

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    It's playoff time which has been a season of wonderful achievement by the Eagles. The entire team deserves credit, but it would be foolish to not give the most credit to Carson Wentz.

    Unfortunately, as already discussed in this thread, Wentz is injured and will not be playing for the remainder of this season. So it will be up to Nick Foles to step up, and win this playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons.

    Frankly, if Foles has a bad day or average day, the Eagles will not likely win this game. If Foles has an above average day or great day, the Eagles then have a good chance to win this game. Which Nick Foles will show up?

    I think since Foles is well rested, that he will show up, and have an above average game.

    The Eagles, all things considered, especially at home, should win this game.
  19. Stephen

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    NFC championship game today. Eagles versus the Minnesota Vikings.

    The Eagles match up very well against the Vikings. With Jim Schwartz controlling the defense, along with Nick Foles staying within himself and not doing anything too fancy, and having home field advantage, this should be a winning combination for the Eagles.
  20. Stephen

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    The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl!!!!!

    A spectacular NFC championship game for the Eagles whereby despite the Vikings scoring first and taking a 7-0 lead, the Eagles didn't lose their composure. The team stayed within themselves, played hard, and with the help of an adrenaline rush provided by loud cheering from the world's best football fans, went on to devastate the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 38-7.

    The Eagles seemingly had the game won by mid third quarter. But I really liked the way that Doug Pederson didn't take his foot off the gas pedal. At that point, the Eagles could have just rushed on every play to try to run out the clock as quickly as possible. However with the Vikings defense over aggressively playing for the run, the Eagles offense smartly took advantage of that by also completing pass plays to control the football and move the chains.

    Simply outstanding coaching by the Eagles, on both sides of the football, and a standing ovation to the players for terrific execution of the game plan.

    Coming on February 4, the Eagles will be playing the New England Patriots for the NFL championship in the Super Bowl.

    Frankly, I wish that the Jacksonville Jaguars would have knocked off the Patriots in the AFC championship game. The Jaguars had a 10 point lead in that game, but the Patriots rallied to win.

    I would have much preferred that the Eagles played the Jaguars, a much easier task than the Patriots. But the Patriots won and that's that.

    So now the Eagles will have to deal with a football team that knows how to win Super Bowls. With Tom Brady, one of the finest quarterbacks of all time. Along with Bill Belichick who in my opinion, is the greatest professional football coach of all time. A tough task indeed, but not insurmountable.

    The Eagles have been to the Super Bowl, two times before, and lost both times. The old saying is "third time's a charm." Let's hope the old saying comes true and that this third try is a winning one.

    Go Eagles!!!!!

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