Philadelphia Eagles 2016 road to the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stephen, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Stephen

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    Philadelphia Eagles 2016 road to the Super Bowl

    Well, a nice first game win. Yes, it was against the lowly Browns, but I'll take it.

    Very pleased with Carson Wentz so far.
  2. Stephen

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    Eagles - Bears, Monday night

    I'd wish Bears fans good luck, but you'd know I didn't mean it. LOL

    Frankly, I don't like playing a 0-1 team. NFL teams hate going 0-2 and the Bears will likely be very focused at home.

    Carson Wentz did amazingly well in his first NFL game as a rookie with very little pre-season experience. Quite remarkable.

    I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts, because considering a multitude of different circumstances, I'm not expecting it to last. If the Eagles make the playoffs, I will be quite pleasantly surprised.
  3. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Excellent win against the Bears.

    Did I ever say that Carson Wentz shouldn't be compared to Joe Montana? I was wrong. Wentz is BETTER than Joe Montana.....

    .....of course Joe is now around 60 years old so that's understandable. LOL

    But it's hard to believe this rookie kid from a small college, was throwing wobbly passes in pre-season, was hurt in pre-season, got very few pre-season game snaps, didn't even get many snaps with the first team in pre-season practice as Sam Bradford was the #1 QB thru most of pre-season, Wentz was actually the #3 QB during most of pre-season...and he plays this well in his first two NFL games?

    I almost can't believe it, but I will happily take it. However, I'm still concerned with his durability, so we'll see what happens.
  4. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    I'd say the Eagles season so far calls for a dancing smiley.

  5. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Wow - The Eagles just took the heart right out of the Steelers today. This early in the season, I don't recall ever seeing an NFL team just quit out there like the Steelers did today, and the Steelers are a good football team.

    Frankly, I don't recall ever watching an NFL game with better play calling. Superb coaching. Superb defense as well. Carson Wentz with another excellent game.

    The Eagles players looked like they were having a lot of fun out there, and it's been a number of years since I've seen that. Of course being a long time Eagles fan, I'm waiting for the bubble to burst as it always does. However until then, I'm enjoying this season beyond belief, and I hope the bubble doesn't burst for at least the next ten years and after a number of Super Bowl championships.
  6. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Well, there goes the undefeated season. Just one of those games.

    Wentz played well and that's some good news that can come out of this loss.
  7. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Sure hate losing a game to the Redskins that the Eagles should have won. When a game is supposed to be close, and your team has a kickoff return and interception return for touchdowns, and your QB throws no interceptions, that is a game that you normally win almost every time. But not this time unfortunately.

    After a superlative 3-0 start, reality is beginning to set in at 3-2.
  8. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Nice win against the now formally undefeated Vikings.

    Good to see Carson Wentz fight through a couple of interceptions, to later in the game put together some scoring drives to help clinch the game.

    Wentz might eventually hit that rookie brick wall, which many players suffer from when playing the whole schedule in their rookie season. We shall see how he does with that, but he's a kid with a good attitude, and really seems to enjoy winning. If he can stay healthy, we've got a QB who is capable of leading us to a Super Bowl victory some day.
  9. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Big game coming up this Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys. At stake is the NFC East lead which the Eagles with a win would then have, because of a better division record.

    I'll tell ya how much I hate the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles could go 2 - 14 for the season, but if both wins were against the Cowboys, I would still consider it a good season.

    Go Eagles!!!!!
  10. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Tough loss against the Cowboys in a game that should have been won.

    I like Doug Pederson, but he made a number of rookie head coach offensive play call mistakes which cost the Eagles the game. He will learn from this.

    Carson Wentz just continues to improve. His intensity and that of the entire Eagles team is excellent, and however this season turns out, the Eagles future looks bright.
  11. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    The Cleveland Cavaliers recently won their first NBA championship since the team began in 1970 which was 46 years ago. The Chicago Cubs just won their first World Series since 1908 which was 108 years ago. The Philadelphia Eagles have never won a Super Bowl since the game's inception back in 1967, which will be 50 years ago when the Super Bowl is played in 2017.

    This trend of long time losing teams finally winning a championship, tells me that the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl this season.

    Proof that it is possible to type a post while dreaming at the same time - LOL
  12. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Well, another tough loss. We're not going to win the NFC East this season, but still a decent chance for the playoffs, and then who know anything could happen.

    Regardless of making the playoffs or not, or regardless of getting in and perhaps not going far after that, I still consider it a good season. The Eagles future looks bright, as long as Wentz stays healthy.

    I do hope that Coach Pederson fully realizes that Wentz is a rookie, and doesn't burn him out his first season.

    Wentz threw 47 passes today. That would not be a good idea to do that moving forward. Pederson's job is secure, so he doesn't need to win now. Pederson needs to use Wentz as though he will be our QB for the next ten or so years. Don't overuse him this season. Don't weaken him and have him more susceptible to an injury which could permanently affect his play. Protecting the long term health of Carson Wentz should be the top priority of Doug Pederson.
  13. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Nice solid team win today against the Falcons. Game balls to every player.

    I was glad to see Wentz down to 36 pass attempts today, for reasons noted in the previous post.

    The NFC East has turned into the best division in the conference.
  14. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Tough loss on a road game against a good football team in the Seahawks.

    Unfortunately for the Eagles, the other teams in the division are playing well, with the Cowboys playing out of their minds.

    The road to the Super Bowl isn't looking very good at this point. Still 6 games left so we shall see what happens.
  15. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Big game coming up Monday night against the Packers. This is a winnable game, and close to a must win game for the Eagles to stay in the playoff hunt.

    This Eagles team probably isn't good enough yet to win a Super Bowl, but it would be nice to get into the playoffs to at least get some playoff experience.
  16. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Bad loss tonight. The playoff picture just got very bleak indeed.

    The Eagles this season are playing hard, but they just do not have the needed overall top tier talent as of yet.
  17. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Terrible loss to the Bengals.

    Well, after a fantastic start, our team ran out of gas, and now are out of playoff contention.

    It really disturbs me that Wentz had 60 pass attempts today. I previously commented on how bad is this type of play calling for the long term health concern of Carson Wentz. Who of course is vital for the Eagles to have any chance at all of winning a Super Bowl in the next 5 years.

    Doug Pederson really needs to smarten up about this, and do so quickly.
  18. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Well, after the loss to the Redskins, we're playing for draft choices. At this point, we would be better off losing games.

    We simply need to get more weapons, as there are obviously some holes to fill. The good news is that the Eagles have been competitive in almost all of their games this season. So with some smart draft picks, and hopefully a lot of luck, as luck always helps with draft picks, maybe we can do some good in 2017.
  19. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    It's gotten officially ugly. A record of 2 wins and 9 losses since the terrific 3-0 start, and now it's 5 straight losses.

    Frankly, if I was the head coach, I'd sit Wentz for the last two games. No sense risking injury, and Wentz has already had a long, hard rookie season. Save it for next season. Let's not forget that Wentz was injury prone in college.

    Pederson isn't going to sit Wentz, but he should at least have Wentz just hand off the ball on most of the plays these last two games. But Pederson probably isn't going to do that either.
  20. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Well, our Eagles wrapped up a 7-9 losing season with a meaningless win over the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys having clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, had no care at all in winning this game. So although it is always nice to beat the Cowboys, this one was meaningless. Except for Doug Pederson foolishly having Carson Wentz throw 43 passes. We shall see if using rookie Carson Wentz too much during his rookie season will have any long term bad effects. I certainly hope not.

    At least Carson Wentz was a bright note to this season. We have ourselves an excellent quarterback who wants to win. That is foundation to build on, and hope for the future.

    But there are lots of other holes to fill as we all know. The upcoming NFL draft will be vitally important for the Eagles. They simply cannot afford to mess this one up.

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