Obama to police: Thanks for serving, ‘we have your backs’

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    Obama to police: Thanks for serving, ‘we have your backs’

    By Darlene Superville | AP July 19 at 2:24 PM

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says the nation will get through the recent killings of police officers with the “love and empathy of public servants” like the ones who were targeted in recent days.

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    Barack Obama truly is one of the worst liars and frauds ever to come on the political scene in American politics. He lies about his past, he lies about the present, and he will lie into the future.

    In his younger days, he hung around with members of the Weather Underground - a radical, violent far left wing group who espoused a government overthrow and tearing up of our constitution. The Weather Underground was about as anti-police as is possible, and Barack Obama is about as anti-police as is possible for a President of the United States to be.

    Virtually everything Obama has done since taking office in 2008 has had a far left wing tone to it. He supported and encouraged the far leftist Occupy Wall Street movement. He reaped praise and a White House invitation to Black Lives Matter, a far leftist group whose members have held up signs during protests urging cop killings. There have been a number of other leftist behaviors from Obama as well.

    It's easy to tell what Obama really cares about in his speeches. He talks with melancholy boredom when speaking of police officer deaths, but has fire in his eyes and an enraged voice when talking about those black people who were shot by the police. When in fact, almost all of those well publicized police shootings of blacks, were proven afterwards that the police officers were innocent and justified in their self-defense actions.

    So when Obama says about the police, "Thanks for serving, we have your backs" - it is a bald faced lie.

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