Obama: Addressing Needs of Police, Protesters 'Complementary and Not Contradictory'

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    Obama: Addressing Needs of Police, Protesters 'Complementary and Not Contradictory'

    WASHINGTON -- President Obama declared protecting police officers and addressing the concerns of protesters "complementary and not contradictory" after an Oval Office meeting today to discuss safety measures for cops.

    Obama met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, White House counsel Neil Eggleston, and domestic policy director Cecilia Muñoz.

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    The group of leftists listed here, would have made a fine committee for Vladimir Lenin. This marxist gang has no interest whatsoever in truly protecting police officers, and we all know it. James Comey could be an exception to the leftists on this list, but he did let Hillary off the hook with her email scandal, so perhaps Comey has begun leaning left.

    The Republican convention is going smoothly, and we expect it to continue that way. Thanks to the fact of thousands of police officers from other cities, volunteering to go to Cleveland to help out. It is their sheer presence of numbers and intelligent crowd control which have kept the protesting relatively peaceful. But if the protesters do get out of hand today or on Thursday, and violence occurs, then these police officers are well prepared - they will know what to do.

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