Miami's simple solution to America's crime surge

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    Miami's simple solution to America's crime surge

    .....Today, Miami enjoys the lowest per capita homicide rate since 1964. Because public safety is everyone’s responsibility, we worked with community partners and law enforcement to ensure that every crime is prosecuted, every victim is protected, and every case commands the best technology to convict criminals.

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    I sure hope the Republican Party is wise enough to nominate Ron DeSantis for president.

    President Trump made a grave mistake in 2020 by allowing Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs to run roughshod over our cities for months. Trump just paid lip service to the horrendous problem, and basically watched and did nothing. It likely cost him winning the election.

    President DeSantis will have zero tolerance for violent behavior such as rioting and looting. He will apply the hammer, and do whatever it takes to stop it.

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