Melania Trump’s moment in the spotlight clouded by allegations of plagiarism

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    Melania Trump’s moment in the spotlight clouded by allegations of plagiarism

    CLEVELAND — In what was only her second time speaking on the campaign trail, Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, sought to soften her husband’s rough edges in a prime-time speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night, describing him as an inclusive and successful businessman with a “big heart” who loves his family and his country.

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    I cannot recall a speech such as this ever being called plagiarism. It was unlikely that Melania wrote this speech and the liberal media knows that. Speechwriters copy each other all the time for ideas. We all knew that the liberal media was going to stoop to new lows during this presidential campaign, and they certainly reached a new low with this despicable accusation.

    While I agree there are similarities in parts of the two speeches, how can we be sure that the speech from Michelle Obama was not copied from somewhere else? Of course the liberal media won't investigate that possibility. An investigation into the origins behind Michelle Obama's speech wouldn't even matter anyway. This liberal media comparison of parts in these two speeches does not matter either.

    Expect the liberal media to eventually in the coming months attack Donald Trump's children as well in some way, shape or form. We can do the same to Chelsea Clinton, including the $600,000 she was reportedly paid by NBC to her as a salary for doing basically nothing. It was obviously a payoff for influence peddling, and of course Chelsea Clinton knows that - she learned that skill from her parents.

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