Massive Fire At NII-2 Building Of Russian Ministry Of Defence In Tver

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    Massive Fire At NII-2 Building Of Russian Ministry Of Defence In Tver

    The fire is said to have engulfed the Ministry of Defence's NII-2 building where decisions regarding the air and aerospace are reportedly taken.

    .....The cause of the fire has not yet been ascertained.

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    Well then, I'll be happy to ascertain it.

    Of course we all know it was sabotage by Ukrainian fighters.

    If Putin thought he could run roughshod over Ukraine without any consequences to his homeland of Russia, well he'd better think again.

    Look for more acts of sabotage in Russia as this war wears on. And civilian targets in Russia may not be immune.
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    Huge blaze sweeps through Russia’s biggest chemical plant on same day seven people are killed in fire at weapon research facility

    A blaze broke out at Russia's largest chemical plant just hours after a huge fire at a military facility killed seven people.

    Huge plumes of smoke were seen enveloping the Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant late this afternoon.

    The cause of the fire remains unknown. Almost 150 plant workers were reportedly evacuated.

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    Nice job Ukrainians.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Russian explosions point to Ukraine's embrace of the British special forces model

    Storage tanks at a major oil depot in the Russian city of Bryansk exploded early on Monday. Was Ukraine responsible?

    Before you answer, consider first that this is only the latest disaster to afflict Russian critical infrastructure near the Ukrainian border. Another oil depot in Belgorod was targeted by a Ukrainian helicopter strike in early April. Prior to that, Russian railway lines near the border were sabotaged. A Russian missile research center and a chemical plant also recently suffered explosions.

    These incidents all appear to fit well with Ukraine's military strategy.

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    Look for these events to become more and more frequent.
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    Fuel And Ammo Depots Keep Blowing Up In Russia. Ukraine’s Ballistic Missiles Might Be Why.

    By now it’s pretty clear that Ukraine has been bombarding Russia as part of the former’s defensive campaign. As Russia’s wider war on Ukraine enters its second month, the Ukrainians at least four times appear to have lobbed Tochka ballistic missiles at military targets on the Russian side of the Russia-Ukraine border.

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    Several Cars on Fire in Moscow, Explosions Heard in Video

    Explosions were reported on a Moscow street, with footage shared on social media showing a number of cars on fire.

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    Proof that either Ukrainian saboteurs or Russian dissidents, can and may hit any site in Russia, including Moscow.

    This attack appears to be Russian dissidents. A good sign that the Russian people have had enough of Vladimir Putin, and hopefully are willing to do whatever it takes to remove this evil mass murderer from power.
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    PUTIN panicked when 12 large fires burned Russia today, 70.000 Russians' lives were threatened

    (YouTube removed this video)

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    All it takes is one motivated Ukrainian and a match.

    I would advise the Russian people to take-out Vladimir Putin
    and do it as soon as possible to end this war before more
    matches set their country on fire.
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    Russia Consumed by More Mysterious Fires as Huge Blazes Rage

    Two people were reportedly killed in an apartment block fire in a Russian city only days after a fatal blaze at a residential building in the same region.

    Elsewhere, a landfill site in Siberia was engulfed in flames at a time when authorities are dealing with a record number of fires in Russia, which have included unexplained blazes believed to be linked to the war in Ukraine.

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    Since the beginning of the war, Russia has targeted civilian buildings, and killed numerous Ukrainian civilians. So of course Ukraine saboteurs were going to respond by doing the same to Russia.

    Look for this to get worse and considerably deadlier.
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    Massive fire breaks at Moscow business centre with top emergency official among the injured after he suffers heart attack at the scene - as flames also engulf warehouses in latest mystery fires to blight Russia

    Four people have been injured including a fire chief who suffered a heart attack after a blaze broke out at a Moscow business centre today.
    Flames and smoke engulfed the ten-story Grand Setun Plaza building in Moscow's Kuntsevo district, prompting 1,000 people to evacuated.

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    Massive explosion cripples Crimea’s Kerch bridge, Russian officials say

    In a major blow for Russia, at least one explosion has severely damaged the Kerch bridge connecting the annexed Crimean peninsula with the Russian Federation.

    The explosion early Saturday caused parts of Europe’s longest bridge to collapse, according to images and video from the scene.

    The exact cause of the explosion is unclear. Russian officials said a fuel truck exploded, but two spans of the road crossing in the direction of Crimea appear to have collapsed.

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    Russian warplane crashes near apartment building, killing 4

    MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian warplane crashed Monday into a residential area in a Russian city on the Sea of Azov after suffering engine failure, killing at least four people and leaving six others missing after a massive blaze that engulfed several floors of a nine-story apartment building.

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    So let's see now, in the middle of a war, a top Russian plane just happens to crash
    into a Russian apartment complex? Just a coincidence? I doubt it.

    However it was done, thru sabotage by the Ukrainians and/or complicity with the
    Russian pilots...keep up the good work. Let Russia get a rotten taste of some of its
    own dastardly medicine. Hopefully with a lot more to come.
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    "Follow-up story to "Russian warplane crashes near apartment building, killing 4"
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    The Russian pilots who ejected from a military plane moments before it crashed into an apartment building and killed 13 people could face charges, Russia says

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    I think the Russian authorities also suspect that their two pilots were involved in an act of sabotage.

    If I was advising these two pilots, I'd tell them to get out of Russia as soon as possible, like today.

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