Kevin McCarthy Lays Out GOP ‘Commitment to America’: ‘A Clear Contrast’ .....

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    Kevin McCarthy Lays Out GOP ‘Commitment to America’: ‘A Clear Contrast’ Between Republicans, Democrats for Midterms

    House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy laid out for Breitbart News in an exclusive long-form video interview the core of the GOP message and strategy heading into the 2022 midterm elections, which will determine which party controls Congress ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

    McCarthy’s “Commitment to America,” which he previewed in the latest On The Hill video special taped in December at an Eastern Market establishment on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, is what he framed up as the contrast with Democrat policies that have harmed America over the past year since President Joe Biden and his Democrats took complete control in Washington last January. In the more than an hour long interview, McCarthy explained the disastrous consequences of Democrats running Congress, detailed the pathway for Republicans back to power, and then went into detail about what the GOP will do if and when it gets there.

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    At this point in time for the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans seem like a mortal lock to win back the House. Perhaps close to a lock to win back the Senate.

    It's great to see Kevin McCarthy who will likely be the next Speaker of the House, lay out a pleasant and effective vision for America's future.

    We need it because The Democratic Party is hell bent on forcing America off a cliff. Democrats wish to take their lemming followers along with them.

    However the rest of us will not blindly follow the Democrats' path to America's destruction, and instead help lead the Republicans to victory on election night 2022.

    We the people shall keep and improve on what our Founding Fathers created. While rooting out the weeds of Democratic Party power in around ten months.

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