Judge blocks Biden admin's transgender school bathroom rule, athletes

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    Judge blocks Biden admin's transgender school bathroom rule, athletes

    A federal judge has blocked a directive from President Joe Biden’s administration that allowed transgender workers and students to use school restrooms matching their gender identities.

    It also allowed transgender athletes to join sports teams corresponding with their chosen genders.

    The directive was blocked by Judge Charles Atchley Jr. of the Eastern District of Tennessee, a Trump appointee, after a coalition of 20 Republican attorneys general sued last year, Reuters reported.

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    I've always had a soft spot in my heart for kids. For example over the years I have contributed to children's charities such as the March of Dimes, and I'm happy to do it. Nothing wrong with contributing to adult charities, but I figure most adults should be able to fend for themselves. So with the limited monies I have geared towards charities, I'd rather give it to the kids.

    That being said, the Democratic Party wanting to allow perverted tranny male brutes into girl's locker rooms and bathrooms, is despicable beyond belief. Girls shouldn't have to be afraid of going into their own locker rooms, fearful of being leered at by sick demented males.

    Of course Biden and the Democratic Party will spew that their policies are all in the name of equality. This is not equality. This is them legally allowing a fringe element of society with severe mental problems, to trample on the rights of the majority.

    Great to see Republicans with common sense decency, willing to take on the depravity of the Democratic Party.

    Today's leftist Democrats and their demented ideas must be kept out of our K-12 schools by all means possible.

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