Invest in North Korea: money pit or golden opportunity?

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    Invest in North Korea: money pit or golden opportunity?

    Pyongyang (AFP) - Donald Trump dangled the carrot of foreign investment in front of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at their nuclear summit, but analysts say few will want to put money into one of the highest-risk business environments in the world.

    The US president showed Kim a movie of bright lights, high-speed trains and soaring tower blocks -- pitching a future that could be possible if Pyongyang gives up its weapons.

    Optimists say that with mineral wealth, cheap labour, and a helpful geographical location, the North has huge potential.

    But the history of overseas firms who have tried to set up operations in the isolated, impoverished country is a long and sorry one.

    Rules that can change on a whim, bills that are never paid, and the threat of expropriation hang over foreigners who step into the wildest of wild east investment destinations.

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    I agree with the overall point of the article.

    Likely the first US companies going over there, would be high profit businesses offering consumables such as fast food, soda, coffee, etc. However this may not happen for quite some time yet, if ever as long as Kim Jong-un remains the leader.

    Despite his cordial behavior at the summit, Kim Jong-un has a destructive and murderous past, and he is still a malev0lent dictator. It is very hard if not impossible to trust someone like that with any business enterprise of significance such as a manufacturing plant. He could always nationalize it at any time.

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