"I'm comfortable with zero": In tiff with Bernie Sanders, Joe Manchin admits he doesn't want a deal

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    "I'm comfortable with zero": In tiff with Bernie Sanders, Joe Manchin admits he doesn't want a deal

    After making a series of demands that the White House cut back on President Joe Biden's ambitious domestic agenda, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, reportedly admitted to his Senate colleagues that he actually wants to scuttle the president's entire plan.

    According to a report from Axios, Manchin revealed his position at a Wednesday lunch for Senate committee chairs.

    Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester told Axios he recalls Manchin telling Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders: "I'm comfortable with nothing."

    Sanders, the Senate Budget Committee chair, has publicly taken Manchin to task, writing an op-ed blasting the conservative Democrat in a West Virginia newspaper over the weekend.

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    I think we all understand by now that if this spending bill is passed, it would be the most irresponsible spending bill in US history.

    We must realize if the "tax and spend" Democratic Party gets their way on this, that the taxing and spending wouldn't end here. The higher taxes and increased spending would continue unabated, until our economic system erodes into financial oblivion.

    We should forcefully tell our government leaders that they already tax and spend enough. Rather than endure constant increases in taxes and spending which moves us closer to a socialist state, the best solution is to make better use of the money that we already have.

    Embrace capitalism which creates money and wealth. Then we can wisely spend the new money on projects which we can afford, and continue to make our country great.

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