Democrats possibly winning the House in the 2018 midterms - Much ado about nothing

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    Democrats possibly winning the House in the 2018 midterms - Much ado about nothing

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    Much ado has been made about the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. While these elections are of course important, they are not a long term big game changer even if the Democrats take the House.

    The Republicans are a lock to hold onto or expand their seats to keep their majority in the Senate. The House is the body of Congress in question which most polls say favor the Democrats.

    An interesting point to ponder, and Trump has mentioned this at some of his rallies and also by many others before him, is why the congressional midterms, especially the House, usually seems to favor the party that doesn't have the presidency?

    I think there are two basic reasons for this phenomenon.

    One reason is the voters whose candidate didn't win the presidency, get hissed at what is going on out there and therefore become more motivated to get out the vote than the voters whose presidential candidate won. The voters whose candidate won, simply become somewhat complacent which could be happening now with those who voted for Trump in 2016. The Trump voters may not have the same vigor to go out and vote when Trump isn't on the ballot. This factor is precisely why Trump is working so hard at his great rallies to fire up these good people to get out and vote.

    Traditionally, the midterms see a big drop off in voting numbers versus when the presidency is at stake. So the combination of the general drop off in voters, along with the various motivational factors of both sides, gives the non-president party the advantage. Most folks understand this.

    What often isn't mentioned in midterm election analysis is what's deeply ingrained in the American psyche, perhaps more so than any other country, and that is how most Americans would loathe a king ruling over us.

    Kings represent the denial of basic human rights which Americans enjoy. We got rid of a king back in 1776. Our Founding Fathers then created the United States Constitution with perhaps the number one thought in mind of making sure that no individual such as a king could ever take away our freedom and liberty.

    So what could be happening now, as a cause of what usually happens in midterms, voters on both sides see the president as perhaps gaining too much power and hence wish to restrain him. The opposing party voters will work towards a high voter turnout for their side. While the voters of the party with the president, although they might really like what their president is doing, may figure maybe it's best not to allow even a president that they like to hold too much power. They won't vote against him in the midterms, but they won't go out and vote for him either by staying home, almost not minding if the House falls to the other side in order to keep checks and balances on the president.

    As a strong Trump supporter, I hope this usual midterm elections scenario doesn't come to pass with Republicans losing the House. Trump has been an extraordinarily successful president. Without question the most transparent president in history. Trump is a president for the people and I do not fear in the least that he will ever morph into a king's mentality. However I can understand how others may not agree with my premise.

    All that being said, these midterms in the long run will have little effect on the long term positive outlook of the Trump administration if the Republicans lose the House. Despite the expected spin on late Tuesday night from the liberal media, spewing that Trump is now a big failure. Most everything is already in place for a growing economy and continued American success here and abroad. Any additional tweaks that Trump needs, he can do with executive action.

    Besides, with the total lack of presidential quality talent in the Democratic Party, along with the superb job that President Trump is doing, he is virtually a mortal lock to be re-elected in 2020. So even if the Republicans lose the House on Tuesday, we would win it back in 2020 anyway, and continue to Make America Great Again.

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