ChatGPT found to give better medical advice than real doctors in blind study:

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    ChatGPT found to give better medical advice than real doctors in blind study: ‘This will be a game changer’

    When it comes to answering medical questions, can ChatGPT do a better job than human doctors?

    It appears to be possible, according to the results of a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, led by researchers from the University of California San Diego.

    The researchers compiled a random sample of nearly 200 medical questions that patients posted on Reddit, a popular social discussion website, for doctors to answer. Next, they entered the questions into ChatGPT (OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot) and recorded its response.

    A panel of health care professionals then evaluated both sets of responses for quality and empathy.

    For nearly 80% of the answers, the chatbots won out over the real doctors.

    "Our panel of health care professionals preferred ChatGPT four to one over physicians," said lead researcher Dr. John W. Ayers, PhD, vice chief of innovation in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health at the University of California San Diego.

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    The problem is that the Hippocratic Oath died a long time ago. Today's doctors no longer do what's best for the patient, but what's best for their profit margin. Them prescribing unnecessary drugs and unneeded surgery has become a plague.

    The fact is that a doctor in many cases cannot afford to pay for their extravagant lifestyle of mansions, cars, collectibles, etc, without doing whatever is in their best interest for making money. Only short of the point whereby they won't get sued for malpractice.

    Telling it like it is, you need to walk into a doctor's office with the same caution as you would a car lot. The car salesman is going to attempt to sell you a car that provides him the highest profit, thereby making him the highest commission. Doctors practice the same basic strategy.

    Just like you should be informed about the cars you want to buy, do the same with medical procedures that you may need. If you are ignorant about the subject, you are very likely to get screwed.

    So when you're having symptoms and/or problems with your body, there is so much great information on the internet these days, that often you can figure out yourself what is happening. The important key to a correct diagnosis is that you must be perfectly honest with yourself. You cannot have say three symptoms, and figure well perhaps one of the symptoms isn't all that bad, so you're okay. You must examine yourself the same way an honest doctor would, with complete truthfulness about the problem and possible solution.

    For example a few years back, I had a small growth on my face, right below my earlobe, that I initially would have swore was skin cancer. But from analyzing many pictures on the internet, it didn't exactly look like a typical melanoma type which can take different shapes and forms. It took me a number of hours to figure it out, but I traced it to being a benign skin growth, albeit ugly like a melanoma, that would fall off on its own in probably a few months. That is exactly what happened and it didn't even leave a scar.

    I have no doubt that if I had rushed to a doctor, that he would have performed many different expensive tests, etc. And whether it was determined to be cancerous or not, he would recommend that it be surgically removed. This would have cost me many thousands of dollars for the procedure, and many thousands more for follow-up visits and prescribed drugs. All this to remove something that he definitely knew would harmlessly fall off on its own.

    I'm of course not saying don't ever go see a doctor. Doctors obviously can provide great value and possibly save your life. Just remember to always use caveat emptor which means "let the buyer beware" - as you are the buyer of their medical services.

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