Bill Belichick scoffs at evaluating players before the pads are on

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    Bill Belichick scoffs at evaluating players before the pads are on

    Patriots coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Day 2 of training camp that asking him to evaluate players right now is a waste of time.

    “You know, you guys are asking a lot of questions about what have we seen from ‘this’ guy, what are we seeing from ‘that’ guy. We’ve yet to put on pads, alright?” Belichick told reporters, before adding sarcastically, “I understand that this is a pretty talented group of evaluators in this room, but in all honesty our evaluations come more in training camp when we actually practice and we can fully execute the techniques and the plays that we’re trying to do.”

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    I think it's plain to see based on his achievements, and the way he explains the game of football, that Bill Belichick is the greatest NFL head coach of all time. This shouldn't even be debatable at this point.

    Belichick is a football genius the likes of which has never been seen, and perhaps never will be seen again.

    Yes, we all know there was Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, Paul Brown, and other outstanding NFL head coaches who were geniuses in their own right, and I don't wish to take anything away from their greatness. But in my opinion, none of them are in the same class as Bill Belichick who I feel belongs in a special tier above all the rest.

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