Barack Hussein Obama "Dreams from a Marxist"

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    Barack Hussein Obama "Dreams from a Marxist"

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    When Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as President of the United States back in January 2009, his dream was that he would be president for life. Thankfully on January 20th 2017, Obama will be constitutionally removed from office. He will then be gone, but until that time, his dream of being the first American dictator remains alive.

    There are a number of protesters in the streets out there, complaining about the recent presidential election of Donald Trump. Obama would like nothing better than to see these protesters viciously rise up in combination with Black Lives Matter and other leftist hate groups, and attempt a Marxist style takeover of our country.

    Obama continues to show strong support and encourage these protesters, with bad intentions towards the rest of our country. The proof of Obama's bad intentions are from the following remarks recently made by Obama.

    "One of the great things about our democracy is that it expresses itself in all sorts of ways and that includes people protesting. I've been the subject of protests during the course of my eight years and I suspect that there's not a president in our history that at some point hasn't been subject to these protests. So I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn't advise them to be silent. What I would advise is that election matters, voting matters, organizing matters and being informed on the issues matter."

    This Obama-speak, Marxist-speak or whatever it could be called, implicitly urges the left to go ahead and subvert or overthrow the United States Constitution. Basically wishing for the protesting anarchists to gain strength, and become a Karl Marx inspired wrecking ball to our American way of life.

    Comparing Obama's words and the protester's demands to a baseball game. Their team got the most hits by winning the popular vote, but the other team won the game by scoring the most runs in the electoral college. Now they wish to retroactively change the rules of the game for the 2016 presidential election to whichever team got the most hits, won the game. So that Hillary Clinton can continue Obama's socialist agenda.

    News flash for Obama, his leftist friends, and the anarchist protesters. Changing the 2016 presidential election result is not going to happen, period.

    Moving ahead considering that Obama will finally realize that the 2016 presidential election result is etched in stone. He would like nothing better than for Trump to become such a poor leader, that our country collapses. Then he hopes that the public cries out and pleads for his return as president to save the day. At this point, Obama believes that he could change his record of failure, into a legacy of whatever dreams are in his power hungry mind.

    History books will show Obama to be a failed president. However for the present, we don't need any books to understand this fact. Everyone with common sense knowledge about our country already knows this. No one comprehends this failure more than Obama himself.

    After January 20th when he is booted out of the White House, Obama will be living close by. He recently bought a house in Washington DC, costing over 5 million dollars, digging in for another try at his "hope and change" revolution. His second attempt will fail as well, but he still gets to live the life of luxury in his cozy mansion while so many Americans suffer from his failed policies.

    The legacy of Obama will not only be a failed president, but that he was primarily responsible for the dramatic decline of the Democratic Party. There should be no debate that Obama is by far, the worst president in US history.

    President Obama always pretends to be a patriotic, law abiding president, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. However, the insider tell-all books about Obama, set to come out sometime in 2017 or later, will detail Obama's true identity as an incorrigible Marxist, lusting for insatiable power like a king.

    Many folks are afraid to speak out against Obama while he is the current president, because he has the power to punish them. But after January 20th, he will not have presidential power to hurt anyone. The flood gates will soon be bursting open to expose this contemptible fraud.

    Obama is destined to be relegated to stale interviews on liberal talk shows, cameo appearances in Hollywood movies, and TV comedy such as Saturday Night Live. Maybe he will become a spokesperson in commercials for items such as spray paint, lighter fluid, and explosives for appeal to the anarchist market.

    In any event, Obama will merrily be paid millions of dollars to write a book about his experiences as president. Which of course will contain lots of left wing propaganda along with revisionist history, thru assistance from a clever co-author, embellishing or even fictionalizing Obama's so-called accomplishments.

    An Obama book published back in 1995 was titled "Dreams from My Father." Perhaps a fitting title for his upcoming book should be "Dreams from a Marxist" about a want-to-be dictator whose dream was squashed by the American people and our constitution, with help from Donald Trump.

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